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Why it's worth to invest time building out your network and why QTEM is your occasion to do it

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

“Opportunities do not float like clouds in the sky. They are attached to people.”

Rich Stromback

It’s claimed that joining international programs, such as QTEM or CEMS, offers consistent benefits over other MiM (Master in Management) courses, in terms of career progress, international exposure, and higher salaries. However, the real strength of these programs can be something less measurable but more valuable. The strong school diversity and the presence of international corporate partners reflect the possibility of experiencing an international environment at a social, academic, and working level.

In particular, QTEM, and its student associations QTEMSA, represent an avenue to exchange ideas, based on the principle that not all information matters, but the availability of a selective pool could determine the success of your future career. Moreover, sharing experiences, such as exchanges, constitute an asset in terms of long-lasting relationships empowering the quality, and not only the quantity.

According to Greg McKeown “the key to networking is not networking”. Nurturing your network can be hard sometimes - think about the difficulties in the pandemic period- and, for some of you, not so natural. In the latter case, QTEM, could represent your first touch dealing with this discomfort. Building your network should not be seen as the dehumanization of relationships in their intrinsic value, but as the awareness that your personal connections could represent a safe harbor during hard times and the stepping stone for your personal growth. Under this perspective, through the QTEM student association as a tool, we encourage students and alumni to transform interactions into connections.

In conclusion, investing time to build your network is not only worth it for the “external” benefit it has, but mainly for what we are able to discover about ourselves. Dealing with ice-break moments, learning to listen, and being empathic could contribute to the growth in self-confidence and allow you to best perform on some occasions, such as a job interview or a speech. So, don’t waste time and reach out!

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