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What makes QTEM an extraordinary opportunity?

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Nowadays, each student has an extraordinary amount of information, sources, articles and blogs from which it is possible to learn on a daily basis. However, it becomes every day more difficult to select the best quality information. We find ourselves in a saturated space, spending more time selecting the source rather than deepening the concepts, practicing them, and training our creativity.

Isn't it hard to think outside the box, when you can't see the box?

This is where QTEM comes to help! QTEM is a Program that allows students to specialise in quantitative techniques for economics, management, and finance during up to two semesters abroad, in two different Universities of the 24 belonging to the network.

It is easy to argue that the possibility to grow and sharpen their skills is given to many students and not only to QTEM ones, so what is it that makes this program so special? Here a student's perspective:

1) Diverse Network

When joining QTEM you are not only starting an academic program, but you are also joining a network of people from all around the world that will be your company for this trip. You can always ask for help and you will have a lot of opportunities to help others, find common interests, grow from a personal point of view and open your mind. You will be in frequent contact and interact with a network of people eager to learn, share, and succeed. Each QTEM students has a different academic path and background, a different home and a different story to share. We all know that in a world overfilled with information the main source of growth is the interaction with people!

2) Empathy

The benefit of constant interaction with people and their stories is a strong sense of empathy. Having empathy is the first step to understand your own emotions and become a stable and full-rounded human being. Empathy is the treat of leaders and QTEM nurtures the leaders of tomorrow.

3) Analytical mindset & Ambitions

QTEM gives all the tools to sharpen analytical and interpersonal skills. Each student has to participate to the GBAC (Global Business Analytics Challenge) and work remotely with an international team. They have to develop an analytical approach to problems and cope with the pressure of strict deadlines and different time zones of the team members. Students learn about Machine Learning techniques and how to implement them. A lot of QTEM students share the passion for innovation, Fin-tech, Artificial Intelligence and Automation, just to name a few.

From this constant and powerful interaction, students inspire each other to think out of the box, to be ambitious, and to succeed!

QTEM Graduation Ceremony in Amsterdam, Oct. 2019

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