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A word from the founding President 

Dear QTEM enthusiast,


We are incredibly proud to welcome you to our QSA page.

As modest as it seems, the QSA (and then this website) began with asking for student opinions and feedback about the ins and outs of QTEM. But soon the QSA grew into a global network that brings student experience to the next level. 

Personally during my quantitative Master's program, I lived in three different countries. Thanks to the QSA, I met friends wherever I went, being part of a greater network. The QSA is a wonderful way to connect with other students and enhance your QTEM experience.

Let us do the same for you! 



Emma Declercq 

Founding President

QSA growth

Bring the QTEM experience to the next level

Representing the student voice
Connecting QTEM students
Via the QSA President, students have a vote in strategic decisions of the QTEM network, providing continuous feedback.
Local presidents and vice-presidents organise activities for more than 150 students.
Our business committee stimulates exposure to professional environments. 
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Organizing events