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Connect QTEM students all over the world
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Sixteen student clubs 
Organise fun activities, 
support students and
build the network.  
Involving over more than150 QTEM students yearly.
Show your QTEM Pride!
Treat yourself with stylish QTEM branded apparel and stationary.

As the QTEM network grows faster and faster with many students, universities and corporate partners joining every year, we need funds in order to organize activities around the world and improve the QTEM experience for all students. Buying an item is more than simply a way to show your QTEM pride while wearing a (very) soft sweater or writing in a stylish notebooks, it's a way of thanking the QSA for offering the chance to connect with extraordinary people as well as an act of generosity towards the next QTEM cohort in line.

Why we sell QTEM merch

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